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What we heard was: The dog was barking at people outside of KFC, and people called the police. Then the dog lunged, and another cop shot it.

You can see in the photo, the trail of blood. The dog traveled. People were really really vocal, harassing the cops to put the dog down, and they wouldn’t do it. The whole thing just seemed really, really unnecessary. I don’t know what the protocol is for this, I know they have to keep the peace, but it really seemed like an abuse of power, an unnecessary one, and not doing it the right way. They really should’ve put that dog out of its misery. We’ve all seen Old Yeller. We all know the right way to do this.

We see this dog outside of KFC every day. It’s usually a nice dog. [The dog and its owner] don’t bother anyone. Everyone in this restaurant [Baohaus] knows this. If it was a cop from the neighborhood, they would know that guy. He’s there every day.

Policemen: I appreciate your service. I am grateful and tremendously fortunate that you risk your lives for ours. Your service and selflessness provides us with peace of mind and peace in life.

That said, you are people of authority. You bear arms. YOU CARRY WEAPONS. You have POWER.

Please do not abuse it. Do not lose yourself in it, to it. Do not become a tyrant of your block, your neighborhood, your city. Do not let your stress and your fears overcome you— you are a POLICE OFFICER. For God’s sake, control yourself. You are in this profession because average citizens are unable to. And while you are fallible, there are moments, such as this, when the right thing to do seems SO CLEAR.

Fucking show some mercy. Especially when the creature before you is helpless and pleading for compassion.



A young Kyrgyzstani boy apprentices for his father who practices the ancient tradition of ”berkutchy,” or eagle hunting. This enormous Golden Eagle has a wingspan bigger than his trainer and is one of the most powerful predators in the world, known to bring down foxes, goats, and small deer.



Nay. BEAUTIFUL. In the way that only things that terrify you can be beautiful when confronted head on. Oh, mortality, nature, youth.

The data also show that humans and gorillas differ in only 1.75% of their DNA, much less than previously believed. Humans and chimps, our closest living relatives, differ in only 1.37% of their genomes.

Image: Lucy the Chimpanzee

Scientists have decoded the DNA of the western lowland gorilla, a feat that could boost conservation efforts for the endangered apes as well as broaden researchers’ understanding of human origins.

Now go and listen to Lucy, one of my favorite podcasts, and also one of the most moving, enlightening, and saddest episodes from any radio program. 

One way to help.

You Can Now Eat Horsemeat

Sneaky, sneaky, Congressmen…

In 2006, Congress banned horse meat inspections, effectively ending horse slaughter. Recession hits, and there is a spike in horse abandonment and neglect.

Cut to November 18, 2011, when Congress tucks into an emergency law that President Obama signed to keep the government afloat a measure that lifts the horse meat inspection ban.

"Sen. Max Baucus said the poor economy has resulted in ‘sad cases’ of horse abandonment and neglect and lifting the ban will give Americans a shot at regaining lost jobs and making sure sick horses aren’t abandoned or mistreated."

Because eating horses is the only way to save them.

I wouldn’t be so annoyed and disturbed by this if the pro-horse slaughter folks didn’t make it seem like they were doing the horses a favor, as if there really isn’t any other way to address animal abuse except through meat inspections. Come on.

Image source: animal zone


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